Mission Statement

St. Mark Lutheran Church:  Passionately sharing the love of Jesus with all people!

Vision Statement

As a regional center of Lutheran Christianity, we provide spiritual growth opportunities for children, youth, families, and adults through worship, studies, small groups, service, and mission work.  We dive deep into God’s Word together, and reach out wide in witness to the world; responding locally to the spiritual and physical needs of our community, and supporting missions globally in Jesus’ name.  


We are a Lutheran Christian Congregation that places the highest priority on…


LOVE:  We unconditionally love one another, we wholeheartedly welcome all people into our family of faith, and we courageously share the hope we have in Jesus Christ with everyone.


TRUTH:  We boldly proclaim the absolute truth of God’s Word regardless of the shifting values of our surrounding culture.  We will also be truthful and transparent with the resources God has entrusted to us as we accomplish our mission. 


SERVICE:  We sacrificially serve our congregation and community by generously sharing our time, energy, and resources with others in Jesus’ name.


FAMILY:  We provide education, resources, and support in a caring, compassionate, and Christian environment to help all people form a firm foundation of faith for the future.