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Contemporary Praise  

This team leads worship at our late service on Sundays, utilizing modern worship songs and bringing traditional hymns into a modern context.

The band typically rehearses on Thursday evening and is currently made up of the following instruments: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, percussionist/drummer, keyboardist, and vocalists.

Sanctuary Blended Praise 

This team leads worship in our early service for the praise songs and hymns.

Vocalists and instrumentalists are encouraged to participate, joining together our churches musical history and traditions with current worship music.


Bell Choir

A moderately advanced group, plays special arrangements and accompanies hymns during worship. Meets once a week for rehearsal (typically Tuesdays at 6:30) and play semi-regularly in early service and for special services.


If you would like to serve on one of these teams, please contact our Worship Arts Director, Grant Bowdish, to set up a time to meet/audition. The audition is to allow us to best use your talents and learn about you as a musician or singer.