We feel so blessed to have such a uniquely qualified group of people leading our various ministries at St. Mark.  All of us care deeply about your experience at St. Mark and would love to hear from you.  We invite you to familiarize yourself with our faces so that, when you see us on campus or in the community, you can say 'Hey!"

   Pastor Brad Hubbard   , Lead Pastor

Pastor Brad Hubbard, Lead Pastor

   Jack Langfeldt   , Deacon
   Mary Huisinga   , OWC Director .

Mary Huisinga, OWC Director.

   Heather Crail   , OWC Assistant Director

Heather Crail, OWC Assistant Director

   Keith Rogers   , Facilities/Food Serivce Director

Keith Rogers, Facilities/Food Serivce Director

   Julie Kellogg   , Finance Manager

Julie Kellogg, Finance Manager

   Ronda Giese   , SMLC Administrative Assistant

Ronda Giese, SMLC Administrative Assistant

   Bill Hecht   , Church Council President

Bill Hecht, Church Council President

   Debbie Candy   , Music Director

Debbie Candy, Music Director

   Michelle Sprygada   , OWC Admin Assistant

Michelle Sprygada, OWC Admin Assistant

   Tim Cole   , Head Elder

Tim Cole, Head Elder